sexta-feira, 2 de junho de 2017

Climate changes

Man are destroying nature, We cut trees to make paper to say " don´ t destroy nature!".

We cut trees to make pastures to cattle we shouldn´t eat. We shouldn´t eat so much meat. Only a little.

We have factories to produce things we don´ t need, made of plastic that will pollute the water.

Toys children don ´ t need, too many toys, they should have less, they should create their toys.

We have too many gadgets, clothes, things we toss away. We use oil, and coal, until they cease to exist.

We pollute the rivers, kill the fishes, hunt the animals.

The climate is changing. Heat, rains, floods, hurricaines...

Someday there won´t be wildlife anymore, clean water, clean air.

And when we try to stop it, while we can, there comes somebody against it, saying it´s not our fault the climate changes,

Keep going, there are some yeras left, twenty, thirty? We may not be alive then, so why should we care?

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